Using Technology To Uncover How Your Organization Moves

Know the little introverted woman who sits in her cube pecking away, save for a lunch or potty break? She doesn't gab all day and isn't particularly outgoing. As her manager, you know she does good work. But you really don't pay her much attention. Then our software reveals something shocking. She knows more about your company’s products and customers than anyone else—even you. When your people need help, they turn to her.

  • Uncover hidden networks

  • Expose key influencers

  • Identify high performing teams

Leverage our technology to capture the power and wisdom of human networks, connection and crowd-sourced sentiment to maximize full leadership potential. We provide you the real-time insights, which help leaders and organizations become more agile, effective and responsive to the needs of the people and customers. We inspire leaders to step out of their comfort zone and connect with differences to foster creative thinking, problem solving and innovation. We illuminate the influencers that move your organization.



Get Invited To The Party
Asked To Dance!

Some of your people feel all alone in a room full of colleagues? Do they feel like they've been invited to the party, but never asked to dance? Maybe you've managed to build a diverse team. But diversity alone is not enough.


Kevin helps you to better develop, retain and optimize your talent. With decades of industry experience, exponentially improving organizations and partnerships as much as 9,000%, Kevin helps clients build more inclusive cultures. Cultures that create the space and place for people to connect, collaborate and win. Cultures where everyone is invited, and free to dance!


When everyone is free to dance authentically, you engage differently. You connect more deeply. You innovate, scale and win more rapidly.


You'll leave with tools to:

-  Drive deeper connections, for greater engagement

-  Enhance trust, for better employee alignment

-  Capture discretionary effort for enhanced productivity