You ever wish you had more?  More money, more influence or just more time to do what you want to do?  

Do you ever worry you're not maximizing your full potential?  

What if I told you I had the secret to abundance; to getting all you desire?  

BETTER RESULTS shares the 5 Steps To More Money, Influence and Time To Do What You Want


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  • This is a very high quality product and has only come to you after research and use "in the field."  

    Let me explain.  

    After printing the first test copies, we realized the rounded text made everything run together.  Frankly, it was intimidating.  Not what we were after.  The spacing also made the pages overrun with words and provided nothing to break it up.  It simply wasn't visually interesting.  Callouts and key points have been illuminated throughout.  The key points on each page can be captured almost instantly.  

    One tester of the book uses a fountain pen.  So each book has 80 pound pages!  No need to worry about your ink bleeding through the pages.  100 pound pages were just too thick.  

    After carrying the book for a bit, I spilled a little water on the cover.  I wiped the cover off, but didn't like the end result.  We now have heavier, UV filtering laminated covers.  

    We've spared no detail!  Since the first run of the book, the font has been changed, and the font spacing has changed.  Care has been taken to add visual interest with callouts and key points.  Pages got thicker as did the cover.  Spill away!!

  • 7 Day Return Policy.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please feel free to return your unused book within 7 days of purchase.